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hydraulic1As your Caterpillar dealer, we not only deliver world-class hydraulics systems, we excel in the areas of hydraulic system management and service to keep those systems running at peak efficiency. Helping you get maximum machine productivity for the lowest possible cost - this is what Cat hydraulic ststems and our support are all about.

Parts are available for the following categories by contacting Gough branches.

The hyraulic system is a combination of critical components that put power into productive, efficient motion. Delivering hydraulic system efficiency begins with designing and manufacturing high quality components. Caterpillar designs hydraulic systems for superior reliability and durability. Controlling the manufacturing processes helps ensure maximum machine performance, longer component life, and lower operating costs.

Goughs supply parts for your hydraulic needs in the following areas:

Hoses - Rugged testing for consistent quality, and reliability.
Caterpillar hose is designed to exceed industry standards. Cat's XT hose for example is impulse tested to one million cycles - twice the industry requirement. The fabric reinforcement in Cat's XT hose is impregnated not wrapped around linear. This unique process helps prevent pin hole failures.

Couplings - Reusable design for lower costs.
Unique two piece design for XT hose allows replacement of worn hose and reuse of the couplings again.

Cylinders - Bore skived and roller burnished for superior finish.
This process produces a highly symmetrical bore with a surface finish that provides long seal life. Cat cylinders have thick tube walls for more greater service life. This feature combined with exclusive Cat oversize seals permits worn cylinders to be honed oversize, extending cylinder life.

Rods - Inertia welded for added strength.
Friction heat produces a continuous weld, adding superior strength to the critical rod ege joint on both new and most remanufactured rods. A unique heat treatment process, used on new and remanufactured rods, adds hardening beneath the surface, extending rod and seal life.

Pumps and Motors - Designed to be rebuilt for lower costs
Many Cat pumps and motors can be remanufactured. This leads to fast, lower-cost repairs with like-new quality. Cat pumps and motors are built to tight tolerances and are 100% tested to match stringent Cat Hydraulic system performance and endurance requirements.

Valves - Specially crafted for superior operator control.
Leading edge manufacturing techniques and precision testing help deliver superior operator control.

Filters - Unique design for a cleaner system.
Fibreglass spiral roving and acrylic beads maintain optimum pleat spacing and prevent bunching, collapse, and loss of capacity. Exclusive nonmetallic core helps to ensure that no metal shavings enter the system.

Oil - Formulated for long component life.
Additives matched to Cat System needs reduce foaming, oxidation, and wear. System-matched zinc content slows hydraulic pump wear, extending component life.

Tanks - Unique design for leak-free operation.
All tanks are subjected to air testing to help ensure hydraulic oil stays in and contaminants stay out. To eliminate leaks, many tanks are formed from a single sheet of steel by using a unique deep-drawn process.

Seals/O Rings - Excellent sealability throughout your hydraulic system.
Materials are formulated to meet the specific pressures, temperature ranges, and types of fluids used in all Cat equipment. Seals and o-rings are manufactured to maintain consistent, exacting physical property characteristics, helping ensure superior wear resistance and sealing performance.

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