Gough Cat and Catepillar - Global Partner of the CrusadersGough Cat & Caterpillar have again combined to re-sign the successful Crusaders Sponsorship programme for another four years.

The sponsorship is only the second rugby franchise Caterpillar has engaged in worldwide. The confirmation of another four years demonstrates the value Caterpillar places in the Crusaders brand as well as its commitment to the Canterbury region and the rebuild process.

Over the three years of the existing sponsorship the participation rate of Gough Cat in all the sectors in which we engage has increased significantly and in some cases has doubled.

The sponsorship itself has more than paid for itself with significant exposure of the brand generating approximately $1.1m in advertising benefit in 2013 alone.

Customer attendance at home games has been a key feature of the sponsorship package with more than 80 companies and over 850 customers and their families entertained during last season.

“We see the Gough Cat and Caterpillar sponsorship proposal as a key strategy in improving the visibility of both our brand as a proud New Zealand company and Caterpillar’s commitment to Canterbury” said Karl Smith, Gough Group CEO.

“The Goughs team is very committed to the Crusaders sponsorship, and see it as a catalyst to achieve 2015 goals. Traditional advertising and sales promotions have previously failed to open opportunities but the Crusaders sponsorship lifts visibility of our brand to a whole new level.”

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