Product-Type---Crane-2Safety is embedded into everything we do at the Gough Group – it is our number one priority to ensure the health, safety & wellbeing of our people. We have a safety management system which touches everyone in the organisation, no matter where you are. From this consultative approach we have been able to address the issues that are important to our high risk roles. Programs such as working in isolation and working at heights have been established as a result of this.

5 Major risks have been identified at the Gough Group and our Executive Leadership team have taken charge of, working to control these risks in the work environment.

The areas of focus are

•    Hazardous substances
•    Jacking, Blocking, Lifting and Slinging
•    Working at heights
•    Drive Safe
•    Move Safe

We are proactive at reporting all events such as Near Misses and Unsafe Acts as well as incidents and we encourage our people to do so. We believe that we can learn from these to improve safety for everyone. The Gough Group has tertiary accreditation in the ACC partnership programme. Tertiary is the highest level of accreditation. Celebrating success is also a key part of our safety system, so we recognise and reward individuals and teams for Safe Acts and achieving great safety results.

Our safety motto is: Work Safe, Home Safe Everybody, Everyday and our aim is Zero Harm - because we care about our people


The Gough Group is a member of the New Zealand Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum. This forum comprises over 120 member companies in New Zealand. Its mission is to lead a step change in workplace health and safety performance by:

•    Advancing a common vision for Zero Harm Workplaces at the highest level.
•    Modelling and growing inspirational, highly visible, safety leadership.
•    Creating a compelling case for change and a strong workplace safety culture.
•    Sharing skills, experiences and resources to overcome common challenges.”

You can be assured that your safety is in good hands with the Gough Group.