Cat 558 LL Forest Machine, recently added to the CMH Contracting fleet.


Gough Cat is introducing the 548 and the 558, the latest models in the Cat 500 series to go to work here, joining the 538 that debuted last year and larger 568.

Both machines feature outstanding fuel efficiency and optimised work tools while increasing horsepower and swing torque.

“We’re delighted to have these new Cat 500 Series Forest Machine models now working out in New Zealand forests,” says Wayne Baker, Gough Forestry Industry Sales Manager.

“The Cat 548 and 558 Forest Machines underscore Caterpillar’s commitment to research and development to enable the forest products industry to move forward.”

The 33-to-35-tonne Cat 548 replaces the 324DFM and is configured for forestry tasks ranging from road building and site preparation to processing logs roadside or at a landing, whilst 548 LL version is ideal for loading logs and shovel logging. Both can take small-to-medium sized processing heads.

It gets a new Cat C7.1 ACERT engine that delivers 152kW (204hp), up 9% on the previous engine. Other changes are an enhanced hydraulic system, upsized pumps, improved layout of components, and back-to-back main control valve to optimise hydraulic oil flow, ensuring work tools function more quickly and smoothly. The new hydraulics allow the engine to run at a lower steady state rpm while maximising power, providing significant fuel savings.

The 42-tonne Cat 558 doesn’t replace any particular model in the Cat forestry line-up but contractors are likely to see it as a natural successor in their operations for the 336, because of its wide ranging versatility add loading and shovelling duties to its prowess as a processor.

There’s a more powerful version of Cat C7.1 ACERT engine in the 558, producing 178kW (239hp) of peak power, together with similar enhancements to hydraulic performance as its smaller sibling and improved fuel efficiency.

Goughs says there are major new advancements with the two new models that will appeal to New Zealand contractors.

Both models deliver a strong all-round performance, thanks to dramatic improvements to swing torque (up 20%), along with increased engine and hydraulic horsepower and from their new fuel-efficient engines.

Thicker plating, box frame structures and forestry-duty undercarriages provide longer life to help reduce downtime and operating cost per hour.

Both new models offer a choice of purpose-built rear entry or enhanced side-entry cabs, while LED lights and heated /cooled seats are standard equipment. New grouser options offer improved versatility on a variety of terrain.

Mr Baker says of the two newcomers: “They are designed for maximum efficiency and maximum productivity in order to provide more profit potential to New Zealand logging contractors.”

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