Cat Tyres

The renowned Caterpillar quality is achieved by ensuring the performance and durability of every component in every piece of equipment. Tyres are no exception.

As the interface between the unpredictable terrain and the machine, tyres play a key role in overall productivity. They must be stable, yet agile; and durable yet economical. Our expanded line of tyres reflects extensive research and engineering expertise that only Caterpillar can deliver. Goughs are currently stocking 12 x 16.5 Premium Conventional Tyres. Premium Conventional tyres are engineered to deliver the trademark Cat durability. Skid steer sizes are equipped with the industrys deepest tread depth, thickest side wall, and heaviest rim guard. Cat tyres outperform the competition.

Advantages include


  • Self-cleaning, open tread design for reduced maintenance time
  • Extra large, tapered lugs for traction in slippery conditions and maximum wear life
  • Dual side wall construction for puncture and tear protection
  • An advanced blend of natural and synthetic rubber and a reinforced bead area for maximum wear life
  • Heavy rim guard reduces potential for damage to tyre bead and wheel flange


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Customise your tyres - optimum your productivity

Premium Conventional - (Stocked) 
High quality; low operating cost

Premium Conventional Floatation 
Works where others sink

Rides smooth and stable; extra-heavy side wall; avaliable in urethane for flat prevention

Pneumatic ride in extreme condition

Extreme Duty Solid 
Eliminates flats in the worst conditions

Extreme Duty Solid - Flexport 
Durability of a solid, improved ride over Extreme Duty Solid; excellent traction

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