Gough Cat Hydraulic Hose Build

Gough Cat, New Zealand’s leading Caterpillar equipment distributor, offers fast, expert hose-building services at the Caterpillar Dealers Facilities in Auckland, Rotorua, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

Gough have in-house hydraulic hose building capability within New Zealand with state-of-the art Caterpillar hydraulic hose manufacturing machines employed to facilitate hose manufacturing to a stringent build quality and cleanliness goals for our customers. Gough are focused on delivering high quality end product to the customer.

Gough Cat’s Hydraulic Hose Centres offer customers a wide selection of hydraulic hose  products with an impressive array of in-store services including hydraulic and industrial hose assembly, servicing both Caterpillars Re-Usable and Permanent Press coupling ranges and supplying custom built hose kits.

Hoses can be made by traditional Caterpillar Part Number via phone (0800 93 39 39) or email easily identified by Caterpillars part number tagging on the hose or made by sample provided. All Caterpillar machine hose build specifications are hosted on a Caterpillar database for quick retrieval to identify all parts required to assemble and information such as orientation and o-ring seal requirements to ensure the hose is made right first time.

Gough are focused on hose build cleanliness and safety, For contamination control each hose assembly is projectile cleaned to remove contaminants from the hose fabrication process to ensure customers get a contaminant free hose assembly, Hose ends are then capped appropriately to ensure the hoses cleanliness is maintained for delivery to the customer, For safety the presses we employ have an assembly check process that ensures coupling and hoses are matched and a verification process on crimp diameters is also employed

The Caterpillar hose product coverage provides support  for all non-cat manufacturers and industrial fitting types. The Hydraulic Hose business is complimented also by a full range of Caterpillar Oils to get customers back up and running fast.  All of these products and services are delivered with the support of an experienced team of certified technicians and parts interpreters.

Gough can offer Hydraulic hose build service from 0-4 inch in Low / Medium Pressure and 0-2.5 inch High Pressure in the globally proven Caterpillar XT3, XT5 and XT6 ranges to working pressures of 6000 PSI and the range includes Caterpillar Tough Guard hose with an abrasive resistant outer cover that is perfect for the harshest environments encountered in our industry that extends hose life for the customer where hydraulic hosing is exposed to the elements

Gough Cat’s Hydraulic Hose Centres are supported by the company´s distribution network which provides customers’ access to more than 26,000+ unique line items for quick delivery to any location for pickup or for shipments direct to its customers’ locations. 

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